poniedziałek, stycznia 15, 2007

Nothing to say

I want to share my auto reflection from last few minutes: I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.
Simple, isn't it?

I'm going to bar with my friends and I have nothing interesting to tell them, and (no offence) them too i think... We're just sitting and chatting on shitty topics without any meaning. Maybe i have such a impression because of my spirit-killing job... i don't really know.

Pawlak says that this state of nothing-to-say is constans in his life. He prefers listening to rubbish than say anything from himself (but on the other hand - he's scientist, so he can't be treated seriously).

So, what should be my diagnose? Am I depressed? <--- I'm not. My mood is rather good. In my opinion today reflection is just objective look on the state of people beliefs (and mine too). Almost everyone thinks he's special in some way, that he has something unique to say, but i don't think it's true (unless you treat things like I like carrot and don't like tomatoes, I have my blog where i write about... , or I'm studying such a original subject , as unique and worth saying).
Funny fact:
after making this remark, opinion about my genuine, unrepeatable didn't change. (it's probably some unconscious ego defending mechanism)

The ironic thing about this post is that this topic probably have been already discussed on other blog, other book, or other article. So again - NOTHING NEW TO SAY. It's a little bit pathetic, that people (like me) sometimes can't stand silence and have to write post like this one. SHIT!

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Majka pisze...

... ktory to poscik wszczal nie lada ucieche dzisiaj w barze :))

hanskoff pisze...

zajebiste :D