czwartek, stycznia 11, 2007

Just iPhone

Mazur will be probably highly excited by iPhone. I can see him sitting opposite the screen, watching keynote with wet hands ... maybe not only hands. I must admit that new toy from apple is outstanding. Maybe there's going to be such a day in the future when i will switch into macs... I think that i could do it right now if only i had money for one.
This post is one of the millions that will appear soon in the net about iPhone. Usually i don't like to be a part of someones marketing machine, but this time i let it happen. I'm doing it a as part of little experiment - to see if some hot keywords (like iPhone), will attract any traffic to this blog. We'll see... BTW, do you know that iPhone already has it's own fan sites (few hours after the premiere i think). Working with apple in their marketing department must be awesome. Those people OWN their customers.

2 komentarze:

Majka pisze...

you've turn into mazur... fair well skelet

Mazer pisze...

Skelet will be the Mac fan soon. I bet he loves Macs already but his heart is poisoned by windows so much, that we need to give him some more time and then after hard work in NYC ($$$) he will buy lovely machine called MACINTOSH !!!!!!!!! :-)