środa, stycznia 31, 2007

Evil bus stop and black heart

I spoke with Jerry - one of the bus drivers. His mental state was very bad. All in convulsions speaking indistinctly - he was harrowing. It was obvious that this was one of his last days in job. He couldn't even change gears properly and bus was crawling with rumble on 2nd gear - the old good ikarus polluting air more than little factory. The only thing I could understood was some complete nonsense about Black Heart. From the beginning of this case i knew that the mysterious black heart has something to do with it. What is more i think i found a picture of IT. I'm not sure about it - judge yourself (maybe you could find pictures of BH from some reliable source? - please link it to me). The case will surely evolve...

poniedziałek, stycznia 29, 2007

co to jest z tymi makami?

sorry mazur- w zyciu bym nie pomyslal ze moze ci sie inaczej strona wyswietlac. Przeciez to jest totalnie nielogiczne. Chyba rozwiazanie jest tylko jedno - maki to syf. Dobrze mowie ?

niedziela, stycznia 28, 2007

Americas greatest treasure - it's nation...

YES - the posts title IS ironic...

Mac users - to think or not to think (different)...

My friend from USA asked me lately how he can make links in post. I''ve been explaining it to him for 5 minutes, but he didn't got it, so now i'm publishing picture "how to". It was very surprising for me, that such a simple thing couldn't be understood by him. After rethinking it i know why and the answer is simple - he's Mac user :). It's impossible for mac user - as my friend - to think for a while how to do something. For those people if icons aren't animated, moving along the desktop, blinking etc., it's impossible to find them. Analytical thinking have been replaced with sensomotorical one and it's no longer possible to do something requiring elementary reflection.
So mazi good luck with links and go text mode for some time... ;)

The kind of ad i love

czwartek, stycznia 25, 2007

Why is this bus stop so frightful ?

Do you know this dark corner of the earth? You can be there without fear only when your heart is dark (or rather BLACK - just like Majas heart sometimes). This bus stop have hole in the wall and next to it is standing plastic toilet (bog?). When the night falls the place is completely dark, there are no lanterns. I've heard that bus drivers are afraid of this spot. They're telling the story about one of drivers who vanished after having his last course. Police found his left arm (identified by the ring and watch) in the shit container of misterious plastic toilet. The murderer wasn't found. However other city-transport workers know that it wasn't murder. Not human-murder, at least. Drivers terrible death was caused by something else. I'm collecting information about this strange place and if i get some more i'll let you know. Today i'll only post photo (mine) of buss standing on this hounted bus stop.

Superb GUI (graphic user interface)

By accident i found some beautiful GUI. It's for linux i think, by Novell (they called it Novell XGL) ,but i'm already considering to switch. It looks really brilliant.
Watch it for yourselves.

niedziela, stycznia 21, 2007

Can you blog about serious matters?

As i wrote before i was wondering on opening new blog, where i could write about something more serious in more serious form. But i missed one important question - is bloging suitable for such a purposes? Most blogs are rather simple in their message. Posts are about current news, products, events in someones life, or written with marketing and financial goals. Those are rather trivial topics, aren't they? Could such a blog make any traffic in democratic consumer - oriented blogosphere?

Blog should be often updated, with short and compact posts, reaching possibly broad, but targeted audience. Sounds well for some politician, or product manager (Maybe "or" is needless in this sentence as both politician and manager are just trying to sell their shit to people. Just check out some blogs of folks from government - pure advertising of product id est - themselves. [I won't include any links in order not to provide them any more traffic by accident]), but seems inconvenient for serious (YES - politicians are not serious people) artist, intellectualist, critic, or thinker.

Will you agree with such a diagnose of state of blogging?

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New Blog ?

I'm thinking about opening new blog. It would be edited in polish and hosted on polish server. This new blog would be more serious in it's content. Maybe something about cultural issues(books, movies, music, philosphy...). However i'm not sure yet if i'm going to do this. It would be time consuming, and in the end probably totally out of any traffic... we'll see

sobota, stycznia 20, 2007


Korwin mikke on his blog on his blog has reacted to one of the comments my translation:

yezu wrote:"democracy is something you can shove up into your a** (ass)". The statement is correct, but framed in wrong way, because you have to remember, that we dot (***) disgustful words, so it should be written: "D****cracy i something you can shove up into your ass."

For pro-democracy readers pleasure i'll post here pics of few most famous democrats...

czwartek, stycznia 18, 2007

Global warming is cool :)

Everybody complain about global warming - Stephan Hawking too. Here you have link to video where he "talks" about it. They even made some nice Doomsday clock which stands 5 minutes to midnight now. The conclusion is simple and horrific - the end is near !!!

Now - my opinion: I like when it's hot :) and don't get excited about that. You can find a lot of comforting opinions on this topic in the web. They usually seems more objective to me. Search for it yourself. After all Earth IS a living planet. Climate shifts has always accompany us (or rather IT) and there is nothing we can do about it. So, eco-psychos - relax and enjoy warmer winters and hotter summers like i do :).

Lublin is getting EMPTY again.

Majka has left the city. It's going to be a little more quiet now. The amount of events in my life is proportional to amount of emigrants staying on vacation in lublin. Most of those events has something with drinking. I hope that she will continue to edit her blog from GB. I've heard that it's getting quite popular lately.

I can say that exam session has already started. I've got a lot of learning now, and my wonderful job doesn't help it. The good thing is i don't have to go there every day.

In the end:

wtorek, stycznia 16, 2007

Hammer Horror

I'm going to have real movie feast!! After exam which i have tomorrow i've planned some time with my dear Basia for watching Hammer Horrors. I was looking for those productions fore some time and finally found it.

I first heard about Hammer when i was reading site about Tomasz Beksiński - son of famous polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński - whose paintings I used to fanaticly admire (now i just admire).

When i'm writing about those two guys i recall times of my high school when i was listening to Pink Floyd and loved T. Beksinskis texts about music and movies. He was really sensitive person (
WAS - he had commited suicide, and few years later his father was killed in his apartment by burglers - their family was the one with tragic history) - escapist living in own world, but sharing his thoughts on some topics.

Tomasz was a great fan
of Hammer Horrors, as only one movies which made him scared (when he was kid). Usually i like things that he likes, so i've decided to find and see one of those movies. There you have link to wiki about HH productions.

More from Antoniszczak by grzenio

poniedziałek, stycznia 15, 2007

Nothing to say

I want to share my auto reflection from last few minutes: I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.
Simple, isn't it?

I'm going to bar with my friends and I have nothing interesting to tell them, and (no offence) them too i think... We're just sitting and chatting on shitty topics without any meaning. Maybe i have such a impression because of my spirit-killing job... i don't really know.

Pawlak says that this state of nothing-to-say is constans in his life. He prefers listening to rubbish than say anything from himself (but on the other hand - he's scientist, so he can't be treated seriously).

So, what should be my diagnose? Am I depressed? <--- I'm not. My mood is rather good. In my opinion today reflection is just objective look on the state of people beliefs (and mine too). Almost everyone thinks he's special in some way, that he has something unique to say, but i don't think it's true (unless you treat things like I like carrot and don't like tomatoes, I have my blog where i write about... , or I'm studying such a original subject , as unique and worth saying).
Funny fact:
after making this remark, opinion about my genuine, unrepeatable didn't change. (it's probably some unconscious ego defending mechanism)

The ironic thing about this post is that this topic probably have been already discussed on other blog, other book, or other article. So again - NOTHING NEW TO SAY. It's a little bit pathetic, that people (like me) sometimes can't stand silence and have to write post like this one. SHIT!

Another psychedelic adv.

Grzesio providing psychedelic expirience vol. 2 Polish non-camera chronicle part 6
No comment on this is needed - just watch and admire.

alias for my blogs url

http://www.skeletto-blog.prv.pl This is my blogs alias url :). I've made it because even blogs author (ME) can't memorize spelling of the older one - wchich by the way is still working. Skeletto-blog is only an alias.

Sealand - Smallest country on earth ???

One of my friends told my about very interesting place on earth - Sealand - "country"
which is placed on sea platform. I recomend you reading it's history and income sources ( illegal sites hosting for example). Here you have homesite of Principality of Sealand. I think that this place is astonishing.

Sunset from my window

I had spectacular view on sunset from my balcony yesterday. The weather in lublin (in whole poland too, i guess) is unusual lately. Very strong wind with warm temp. - global warming effect is one responsible for that, "'ve heard. OK, cut the crap - just check out the sun... (click image to see bigger size)

sobota, stycznia 13, 2007

What's wrong with our dog ?

Łata [whata-a] behaves strange. She's walking around with her (it was Tytus property in the matter of fact) squeaking ball in mouth, she seems sad and eventually she got into my wardrobe... I think, that it's beacouse she wasn't ever pregnant and had not puppies.
I've heard that some female dogs (seeing eye bitch) have such a imaginary pregnancy. Poor what-a...
Ps. Tytus = Ewas dog.

(not so) Old Photos

Today i look into my camera memory and i found some photos, that i forgot about.
BoyZ with bombels doughter - Maja - at his house. (dont get confused, that this name was given after majas bork ;) )
Drunken Bombi and Mazi are trying to attach door knob. As you can expect they didn't finished their job, however the holes made with screwgun was really big... On one of the photos you can admire mazis proffesional look at tool. He always know what he's doing.

czwartek, stycznia 11, 2007

Is that really funny?

Tell me if it's good commercial...

Just iPhone

Mazur will be probably highly excited by iPhone. I can see him sitting opposite the screen, watching keynote with wet hands ... maybe not only hands. I must admit that new toy from apple is outstanding. Maybe there's going to be such a day in the future when i will switch into macs... I think that i could do it right now if only i had money for one.
This post is one of the millions that will appear soon in the net about iPhone. Usually i don't like to be a part of someones marketing machine, but this time i let it happen. I'm doing it a as part of little experiment - to see if some hot keywords (like iPhone), will attract any traffic to this blog. We'll see... BTW, do you know that iPhone already has it's own fan sites (few hours after the premiere i think). Working with apple in their marketing department must be awesome. Those people OWN their customers.

wtorek, stycznia 09, 2007

End of intermission ?

Mazur, Ewa and soon Maja are coming back to their new homelands, so probably i'll put more posts since now. Though I've got to drink to much during they stay in poland (especially mazurs), I wish they didn't go. Life is hard siet - as i like to say.
Last night was rich with events - too much beer thats for sure. I hope that your mother didn't kill you, mazi. I've never seen her calling you at 3.00 in the morning. She must have been upset.
I just realised that this blog is getting a little too much diary like. This must be changed. Another thing that might get changed is language. It's inconvenient in some way to write in english, and it's not about my skills. I have feeling that using foreign language is unnatural. Blog should be possibly genuine and personall in style, which postulate isn't fulfilled when i'm blogging in english. On the other hand a lot of traffic is out of poland. Another argument for writing in english is that i hate when i'm entering some site, which seems interesting and then it turns out that it's editet in language i don't know.
I'll have to think about it...
Greetz for emmigrants.

poniedziałek, stycznia 08, 2007

Not so fresh but amazing

This news might be not so fresh, but still - it's amazing how far apples marketing can go. Here you have link to godtech blog post where i've read it.

niedziela, stycznia 07, 2007


Pawlak said that papal decision about wielgus nomination wasn't ex cathedra so there is no any pain at all . Popes infallibility applies only when he speaks ex cathedra. So church is nice and good :)

BBC writes about events in poland

Archbishop Wielgus at the service, flanked right by Cardinal Glemp
Wielgus (l) was moved to tears during the service
The controversial Archbishop of Warsaw has resigned, less than an hour before he was due to be installed in his post.

Stanislaw Wielgus has been at the centre of a communist-era spying row, and recently admitted collaborating with the secret police.

And what about popes infallibility asks skeletto ? Do yours, faith in church holiness is undermined by those events ? I cant say that my is, but it does have some impact on my thinking in last few days. The sad thing is that my academy is now always shown in TV news as the context of wielgus life so it could be associated with this shitty case. Maybe KUL isn't the best place on earth to get good education and perspective on the world, but still - it's mine school, and if it partly made me who i am (and i'm gr8 and genius) it can't be so bad. :).

Ps. John says that my blog is very political... Is it ?