niedziela, stycznia 07, 2007

BBC writes about events in poland

Archbishop Wielgus at the service, flanked right by Cardinal Glemp
Wielgus (l) was moved to tears during the service
The controversial Archbishop of Warsaw has resigned, less than an hour before he was due to be installed in his post.

Stanislaw Wielgus has been at the centre of a communist-era spying row, and recently admitted collaborating with the secret police.

And what about popes infallibility asks skeletto ? Do yours, faith in church holiness is undermined by those events ? I cant say that my is, but it does have some impact on my thinking in last few days. The sad thing is that my academy is now always shown in TV news as the context of wielgus life so it could be associated with this shitty case. Maybe KUL isn't the best place on earth to get good education and perspective on the world, but still - it's mine school, and if it partly made me who i am (and i'm gr8 and genius) it can't be so bad. :).

Ps. John says that my blog is very political... Is it ?

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