wtorek, stycznia 16, 2007

Hammer Horror

I'm going to have real movie feast!! After exam which i have tomorrow i've planned some time with my dear Basia for watching Hammer Horrors. I was looking for those productions fore some time and finally found it.

I first heard about Hammer when i was reading site about Tomasz Beksiński - son of famous polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński - whose paintings I used to fanaticly admire (now i just admire).

When i'm writing about those two guys i recall times of my high school when i was listening to Pink Floyd and loved T. Beksinskis texts about music and movies. He was really sensitive person (
WAS - he had commited suicide, and few years later his father was killed in his apartment by burglers - their family was the one with tragic history) - escapist living in own world, but sharing his thoughts on some topics.

Tomasz was a great fan
of Hammer Horrors, as only one movies which made him scared (when he was kid). Usually i like things that he likes, so i've decided to find and see one of those movies. There you have link to wiki about HH productions.

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