sobota, stycznia 13, 2007

(not so) Old Photos

Today i look into my camera memory and i found some photos, that i forgot about.
BoyZ with bombels doughter - Maja - at his house. (dont get confused, that this name was given after majas bork ;) )
Drunken Bombi and Mazi are trying to attach door knob. As you can expect they didn't finished their job, however the holes made with screwgun was really big... On one of the photos you can admire mazis proffesional look at tool. He always know what he's doing.

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Mazer pisze...

I forgot about those pictures too. We did a nice job, Bombel was happy after all.
Don’t make jokes about my professional approach to construction. I like tools. Today was first working day. Painting, ten hours. I’m still thinking that it is better than banking shit, which you are doing :-)