niedziela, stycznia 21, 2007

Can you blog about serious matters?

As i wrote before i was wondering on opening new blog, where i could write about something more serious in more serious form. But i missed one important question - is bloging suitable for such a purposes? Most blogs are rather simple in their message. Posts are about current news, products, events in someones life, or written with marketing and financial goals. Those are rather trivial topics, aren't they? Could such a blog make any traffic in democratic consumer - oriented blogosphere?

Blog should be often updated, with short and compact posts, reaching possibly broad, but targeted audience. Sounds well for some politician, or product manager (Maybe "or" is needless in this sentence as both politician and manager are just trying to sell their shit to people. Just check out some blogs of folks from government - pure advertising of product id est - themselves. [I won't include any links in order not to provide them any more traffic by accident]), but seems inconvenient for serious (YES - politicians are not serious people) artist, intellectualist, critic, or thinker.

Will you agree with such a diagnose of state of blogging?

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Mazer pisze...

co ty sie tak kurwa ziom produkujesz??? pisz cos zeby mi dostarczac fanu. jak chcesz sie uzewnetrzniac seryjnie to sie za pisanie ksiazki jakiejs zabierz. juz ci to zreszta mowilem kiedys.

Jacksta pisze...

"Can you blog about serious matters?"



Enjin pisze...

Jeszcze sie uparl na ten cholerny angielski :/ odrzuca mnie od czytania tego...

hera888 pisze...

Dear fellow schizophrenic
Yes theres plenty of room for a serious blog , there are alot.
Look up groups or put in the words serious writing or whatever and find the others .

Why not have six or seven blogs , one for each aspect of your character , i know i do .

Yours sincereley

Julius Caesar