wtorek, stycznia 09, 2007

End of intermission ?

Mazur, Ewa and soon Maja are coming back to their new homelands, so probably i'll put more posts since now. Though I've got to drink to much during they stay in poland (especially mazurs), I wish they didn't go. Life is hard siet - as i like to say.
Last night was rich with events - too much beer thats for sure. I hope that your mother didn't kill you, mazi. I've never seen her calling you at 3.00 in the morning. She must have been upset.
I just realised that this blog is getting a little too much diary like. This must be changed. Another thing that might get changed is language. It's inconvenient in some way to write in english, and it's not about my skills. I have feeling that using foreign language is unnatural. Blog should be possibly genuine and personall in style, which postulate isn't fulfilled when i'm blogging in english. On the other hand a lot of traffic is out of poland. Another argument for writing in english is that i hate when i'm entering some site, which seems interesting and then it turns out that it's editet in language i don't know.
I'll have to think about it...
Greetz for emmigrants.

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Majka pisze...

i just would like to mention that im not going to US!

Majka pisze...

and bout the night out... :)) ive got coverage :)) what a shame for you :))