czwartek, lutego 01, 2007

Crap wins - again

The life goes on and crappy things with it. Just check out blogs which won latest blog of the year awards in polish portal... CLICK AND PUKE HERE. The question is: how is that possible !? Nooo, wait a minute..., this is not a question (maybe rhetorical one) because the answer is obvious - on blof of the year award contest, decent blogs were simply out of competition.
Check the first place yourself.

3 komentarze:

Jacksta pisze...

i can't understand them :(( and i don't want to use the translator thing for each blog. by the way i put one on mine, perhaps it's helpful for some people, also it's not ugly, - is not quite exact in translation but better than nothing, also it's lacking many languages still.

Skeletto pisze...

Thats why i think that it's better to blog in English so that everyone on the world could read what you write. People from Poland keep asking why i'm using english on my blog. Jackstas comment makes it clear.

Grzeniu pisze...

Widzieliście tą statuetkę? Nie kojarzy Wam się z czymś? ;-)