niedziela, lutego 04, 2007

My new pretty thing

Gadgets - fragment of world which is said to be loved by man's part of the earth population. As soon as I belong to this group, today i will show you my Kodak Retinette 1A camera which i was given by John. I was planning post about it for some time now. It's very nice object. I don't think that I will use it too often, but still - it's nice item to have. I even found user manual to this camera in pdf file excerpt of which I'm posting.
This camera was produced somewhere between
1959 - 1961. That's a lot of time for 23 years old person like me. I like to see over old items - especially mechanical or electronics which gets older even faster than people (John is a little bit over 30 and he consider himself as a old one...). But to the point - photos of my precious :

5 komentarzy:

ROMEX pisze...

nie gadaj ze teraz odstawisz poczciwego olympuska i bedziesz z tym sprzeciorem biegal na klacie, choc laski moze i takie oldskulowe gadzety leca, kto wie;-)

mazer pisze...

jo romex, laski kochaja old skul:-)
to ustrojstow nie ma swiatlomierza wiec ciezko bedzie skeletto bajerowac na to, no chyba ze na glupa, na sucho tylko bedziesz to nosil. albo se swiatlomierz kup i wtedy to juz pelne pro bedzie dzialanie.

Jacksta pisze...

looks great and most likely takes great photos. will you have trouble getting film?

i still really like my old 35 mm camera, though i do not use it often.

Mazer pisze...

co ziom nie blogujesz nic?
ja to nie mam jak a ty?

Anonimowy pisze...

the old skool is the new skool