niedziela, grudnia 24, 2006

o masz ci los...

Title is in polish, because i dont know how to say it in eng. I wanted to express my surprise Nevermind. What i wanted to share today is an information about my proffesional life (hehehe). I I was ofered another 3 months of practice in my lovely bank. At the first place i was reluctant, but after reconsideration i think i'll take this job - I NEED MONEY. Life is hard. Now is the time for some triviall statement - the more money you have the more money you want. Maybe i'm some kind of fucked up materialist... The strange thing is that though I have all those "wise thruths" about life in head i'm always surprised when i discover them in practice.

After second thougt: I'm not a materialist.

Third thought: i think, that i am not ... :)

4th thought: i am probably not a materialist - it should be shaped like that.

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